Thursday, January 20, 2011

Music and movies at Sydney Uni's Quad

Last night we went to A Night at the Quad, a Sydney Festival event in the historic main quadrangle at Sydney Uni.

As the festival guide says: "A Night at the Quad is all about the glorious chemistry between music and film. Lay back on the lawn amidst the grandeur of The University of Sydney's oldest buildings for this special screening plus great live music by artists associated with the soundtrack."

We were meant to be seeing Archie Roach followed by a screening of Rolf de Heer's movie The Tracker. We did see The Tracker which features Archie on the soundtrack but at the last minute he wasn't able to make it to Sydney to perform. Fortunately Emma Donovan and Jimmy Little stepped in and got us singing along with a few songs. Lisa Hensley also had a chat with director Rolf de Heer who wrote the lyrics for the music sung by Archie Roach in The Tracker.

It's a very pleasant evening in the historic space. I was taken back to my uni days in the early 80s and remembered going to an American history lecture with Dr Graham White in one of the rooms off the main quad. I think the room was called Latin Room 1. Dr White was one of the less boring academics on campus.  In fact, his lectures were great!

The other good thing about the event is that there are a number of gluten-free options on the menu. I brought our food (gluten-free salads from Relish and chicken and rocket sausages from AC Butchery in Leichhardt) because I couldn't be sure. I was pleasantly surprised when I spoke to the caterers as there were a number of gluten-free choices including a smoked salmon salad, a frittata and a cheese plate - you'd just need to bring gluten-free bread or rice crackers to go with it.

It got a bit windy in the Quad last night so it's probably a good idea to bring a jacket. We had a few drops of rain during the film but orange Sydney Festival plastic ponchos did the trick. Fortunately the rain stayed away till the movie finished. It was a good night and was a lovely way to celebrate Bruce's birthday.

The remaining 'A Night at the Quad' events are:

21 Jan, The Necks and The Boys
23 Jan, Decoder Ring and Somersault
24 Jan, Tex Perkins and Murray Paterson and Beautiful Kate

Gates open at 7pm and the music starts at 8pm. A Night at the Quad is is $30 a ticket.

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