Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gormandising on gorgeous gluten-free Anzacs

This morning I made a batch of gluten-free Anzac biscuits from a recipe a Twitter friend recommended from Taste. I prepared them while trying to spot my Uncle David on the Anzac Day March on TV.  I didn't end up picking him out but maybe that was because I was late turning on the TV or perhaps at 93-years-of age he had a break this year?

The recipe used a few different ingredients to the non-GF one Mum used to make but the smell of Anzacs baking in the oven was the same. Some of the substitute ingredients for the traditional rolled oats were dessicated coconut, almond meal, GF plain flour and my breakfast cereal of choice, Freedom Foods Rice Flakes. The mixture produced nearly 50 biscuits so Bruce and I had to stop ourselves from eating too many as we enjoyed them with a cup of coffee on the deck.

Click here for the Gluten free, dairy free Anzac recipe.


  1. They look so cute! Great idea and all thanks for your interpretation of an Aussie Classic.

  2. Pleasure and they tasted delicious too!

  3. Hi Therese,

    I'd really like to invite you to the Gluten Free Expo next week but cannot see your contact details anywhere! Please email me at