Saturday, June 5, 2010

Art and about in Danks Street

A number of our friends gave us some money to buy an artwork for a wedding present so yesterday we headed out to a few galleries. First port of call was the Danks Street precinct in Sydney's Waterloo where there are a number of galleries mostly in the same building.

We saw some very interesting and varied work from artists such as Wendy Teakel, whose paintings and sculptures are inspired by farming and the land. There were works on paper by Gary Shinfield, moody skyscapes from Anita Hochman, indigenous art from Western Australia, South Australia and NT, and intense, dot-like paintings in fluorescent colours from the recently deceased Kuno Gonschior

The Danks Street area is pretty cool with lots of groovy housey shops, cafes and galleries. It's also a very eclectic area of Housing Commission tower blocks, renovated warehouses, a branch of the Hillsong "happy clappy" church, long-time working class residents, students, gays and hip young couples, some with beautiful babies. After an hour or so of observing the artwork it was time for coffee, and if I was lucky some gluten-free cake. 

As most of the cafes in Danks Street were overflowing with people we decided to go to Patisse, which is in the GO1 pyd building where all the galleries are on the corner of Young and Phillip Streets. Patisse was created to bring the baking style and traditions of Paris to Sydney. After having a quick scan of their cakes I nearly left as nothing was labelled gluten-free. But then a friendly staff member called Mike intervened. "What can I get for you,"' he said. "Oh nothing for me I'm gluten-free," I replied. "We have lots of gluten-free things," said Mike. "Strawberry success cake, pistachio and olive cake, all our meringues (which looked pretty spectacular) and our macaroons."

After making our selections we found a sunny spot by one of the cafe's large open bi-fold windows. Bruce had the strawberry succcess cake, which was to die for. It was very moist, full of fresh strawberries and coconuty. "Mine's better than your's," said Bruce. And he was right but my pistachio and olive cake was also delicious. The coffee was good with our only complaint it could have been a bit hotter. My Dad always used to specify, "make it hot"' when he ordered his coffee.

Our experience at Patisse didn't end there as Mike said if we felt like more we were most welcome to take a macaroon from the tree of macaroons. So we finished off with a sweet, melt-in-your mouth macaroon. If you are wanting more than cake, Patisse has lots of other options including all-day breakfasts with omelettes and fruit salads gluten-free. They also have a variety of salads including English spinach and goats cheese with pear and walnut, ocean trout nicoise, warm kifler potatoes with chorizo (you would have to check if gluten-free) and poached eggs and the soup of the day was potato, leek and parsnip. For those non-gluten-free people there's lots of other delicious pastry options too.


  1. Dear Therese

    Your blog is great. You have had some great meals in a few days. Well done.

  2. Thanks Trude. This looking for a work of art is very enjoyable and we get to try a few different cafes along the way. As I keep saying to Bruce, I don't mind if we don't find anything straight away as I am loving the journey.