Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A gluten-free 12th birthday cake

At my niece's 12th birthday barbeque on Sunday I was able to eat the birthday cake as it was gluten-free. The  flourless chocolate fondant cake with rich ganache cream icing came from Croquembouche Patisserrie at Banksmeadow next door to Botany. As Eimear announced when the cake was being cut up, it may look small but it's very rich so you don't need big slices. I enjoyed a piece of the cake with Sara Lee's gluten-free French vanilla ice cream. The only other gluten-free cake made at Croquembouche is an orange and almond cake.

We had a delicious dinner prepared by my brother and sister-in-law to celebrate their eldest daughter's birthday. As well as salad, steak and potatoes, other gluten-free options included Lenard's gluten-free sausages and gluten-free tandoori chicken. My nieces also introduced me to a new brand of gluten-free chips called Piranha Potato Grills. Happy birthday Eimear.


  1. You are right the cake was delicious and thank you for the presents Eimear your niece's with the lovely cake

  2. That's a pleasure Eimear, my niece with the lovely cake - hope you are enjoying the books.

  3. i wish i had that nice cake!